Flower Pot - Loveholic

posted on 06 May 2008 01:04 by fahsai in Musics

Flower Pot - Loveholic

He is approaching, from a far far far distance,
How am I to express my shaking heart?

# Stole my heart from the very start,
And gave me an illness that I cannot recover from.
I want to become the flower pot,
I pray all the time.

## I want to become a flower pot,
That stands on his small window sill.
Even if I won’t be able to say a word, or expect anything,
From time to time, I’ll receive his smile and caresses,
And just watch his sleeping face.
He’s leaving,
Very far far far away.
How am I supposed to sooth,
These falling tears?

# Repeat
## Repeat x3